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What Doesn't Kill You...



2008 - 2019



This is the type of artwork that only comes around every so often, a piece of work started in 2008 and finalised now in 2019. The work has just come out of the kiln and its final firing. This original cast decorated spraycan comes with the artist's early signature TR (Treatment Rooms), alongside her current signature in transfer. This piece comes from a period where the artist was using slip casting to produce her own three dimentional forms adorned with rare vintage transfer and glazed. What Doesn't Kill You... has been made in ceramic with original and vintage transfers. It has been kiln fired, glazed and comes signed in transfer by the artist. 





Fired slip-formed ceramic with original and vintage transfers



16.5cm x 5.5cm



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If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us:

What Doesn't Kill You...

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