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Adam Neate




Adam Neate (b.1977) is a British conceptual artist known for his multi-dimensional collages and a very unique use of perspective and mark-marking. Influenced by Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Carl Jung and Alan Watts, Neate’s practice mixes constructivism, street-art and a very personal approach to figurative art.

Neate studied graphic design while teaching himself how to paint and sculpt. He became known for leaving art on the streets for people to collect. ‘I started leaving my paintings on the streets of Ipswich around 1997. I then moved to London and left over 5,000 paintings on the streets up until 2006. The same year I quit my day job and stopped the ‘street art’ and started exploring paint in a different way. In 2008 I started painting in Dimensionalism – which I continue to explore to this day.’

Neate's use of a varied array of materials and skilled juxtaposition of layers often give his figurative pieces a multi-dimensional quality which can change from the viewer's viewpoint. In 2012, art historian Ben Jones wrote: "To get the full multi-dimensional effect, the viewer is asked to activate their own viewing space you move and change vantage point, negative space is held in balance, unleashed, then restrained again. The image resolves itself."

Neate's pieces feature in collections all over the world, most notably in the USA, China and East Asia.

Neate currently lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


In June 2022 the artist travelled back to Brighton, UK, where he’d spent much of his informative time, to exhibit a selection of original canvases and four Limited Editions, co-published between Adam Neate and Whistleblower Gallery.





June, 2022

Memories, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK

May 2022

Dimensional Choque Cultural Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil

March 2022

The Face of Shoreditch (group show) Nelly Duff Gallery, London, UK

March 2022

Adam Neate 2022, 44309 Gallery, Germany

November 2021

Two Worlds, Te Spectacle Group, Hong Kong

November 2021

Mozgas (retrospective) Budapest, Hungary

June 2021

Vanguard (museum Show) Bristol Museum, UK 

January 2021

Madalena, Allouche Gallery. New York, USA

August 2020

8ply - The Garage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

September 2020

Portrait,- Fluorescentsmogg, London, UK

June 2020

Disconnect - Schoeni Projects, Hong Kong 

October 2016

The Photobomb – Elms Lesters, London, UK
March/April 2016

Heroes – Elms Lesters, London, UK 
January 2016

Art Stage Singapore 16, Singapore 
October 2015

Dimensionalist Painter – Elms Lesters, London, UK
May 2015

Art Beijing 15 
January 2015

Art Stage, Singapore

Sep / Oct 2016

Dimensionalism – Elms Lesters, London, UK
April / May 2014

ART Beijing 14 
January 2014

Art Stage Singapore 14, Singapore
November/December 2013

History: Neate Portraits 2006 – 2013 – Elms Lesters, London, UK
November 2013

Art Taipei 13, Taiwan
August/September 2013

Dimensional Editions 13 – Elms Lesters, London, UK

April / May 2013

Art Beijing 13 

January 2013
Art Stage Singapore 13

November 2012
Art Taipei 12, Taiwan 
October 2012

Dimensional Editions & Paintings, Elms Lesters, London, UK
October 2011

Dimensional Paintings, Elms Lesters, London, UK
October 2010

The Flock Series, Elms Lesters, London, UK
October 2009

A New UnderstandingElms Lesters, London, UK
June 2009

Adam Neate Prints, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong
14th November 2008

The London Show – London, UK
August 2007

Paintings, Pots and Prints, Elms Lesters, London, UK


April 2022

Lucid Dream The Spectacle Group, Hong Kong

March 2022

SP Art, Choque Cultural Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil

March 2021

Talking Heads The Spectacle Group, Hong Kong

March 2021

Group Show - Galerie Le Feuvre, Paris, France

May 2012

Art Hong Kong 12
January 2012

Singapore Art Stages Fair
May 2011

Art Hong Kong 11
January 2011

Singapore Art Stages Fair
August 2010

Summer Group exhibition, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong
May 2010

Hong Kong Art Fair
May 2009

Visionaries,  All Hallows . London, UK
June 2009

Olympia Fine Art Fair – London, UK
October 2009

Natural Selection,Atkinson Gallery, Somerset, UK
October 2008

Small, Medium and Large, Elms Lesters, London, UK
May 2008

The Adam and Ron Show – Elms Lesters, London, UK
July 2006

Hype, Elms Lesters, London, UK




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