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November 30 - December 24, 2017
A first group show at Whistleblower Gallery!
with works by Stanley Donwood, Carne Griffiths, Miss Bugs, Sarah Shaw, Laurie Vincent, Cain Caser, Ryan Callanan, Carrie Reichardt, Paul Scott, Anna Barlow, Sophie Southgate


Solo show with brand-new and abstract works by

Ryan Callanan inspired by still-life, landscape and portraiture.

May 4 - June 3, 2018


March 8 - April 7, 2018

A group show devoid of colour with works by Stanley Donwood, Laurie Vincent, Sarh Shaw, Carne Griffiths, Ryan Callanan, Carrie Reichardt, Gary Stranger, Ian Hodgson, Dan Baldwin, James Choules aka SheOne, Jim McElvaney, Andy Doig, Duncan Weston aka Petro, Andrew Millar, Lewis Chamberlain

A solo exhibition showcasing a photographer's journey in screenprint, with works by Andrew Millar
September 14 - 30, 2018


WATERMARKS, Works Made with the Weather
A solo exhibition with canvases, drawings and prints by Stanley Donwood
October 5 - November 4, 2018


I WISH YOU'D TOUCHED ME AS MUCH AS YOU TOUCH YOUR PHONE, a first exhibition by daft-apeth after a few years of developing a strong visual portfolio based on childhood iconography, memories, unarranged thoughts and an absurd sense of humour.
November 16 - 30, 2018



A group exhibition with new works by

Stanley Donwood, Matt Smith, Gary Stranger, Grande Dame, Amy Douglas, Christopher Kettle, Anna Barlow, Duncan Weston aka Petro

February 15 - March 14, 2019

Fitz Porcelain Galleries Egg Heads.jpg


A solo show inspired by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki's essay Lights and Shadows (Tokyo 1886 - 1965), with new and original canvases, aluminium and slate that are a significant marker in the artist's career.

All works by Sarah Shaw

May 3 - June 2, 2019


A Xmas group exhibition with works by

Stanley Donwood, Gary Stranger, Lewis Chamberlain, Sarah Shaw, Cain Caser,

Carrie Reichardt, Amy Douglas, daft-apeth,

Ryan Callanan, Carne Griffiths, Andrew Millar, Petro, Anna Barlow

December 5 - 24, 2018 



A selection of both classic and new pieces produced by artist and toy maker Ryan Callanan as well as pieces by Ron English, Anthony Lister, Frank Ozik, Suckadelic and Trap Toys

April 6 - 18, 2019


A new body of ceramic work born out of Whistleblower's Second Summer Artist's Residency and inspired by Brighton and the British seaside.
All works by Anna Barlow
October - 17 - 31, 2019


StrangeNESS, an exhibition with large format charcoal and graphite original drawings, made using elements from the British Suffolk coast. 


Both prints and drawings are by artist Stanley Donwood, inspired by or featured in Ness, the artist's and Robert Macfarlane’s latest collaboration.

Alongside these drawings are a set of limited editions of prints made from the drawings that were used in the book, letterpress prints made from the plates used in the original privately printed edition, and drawings made for the book.

All works by Stanley Donwood

March - 26 - May-9, 2020

Whistleblower Gallery presents: Modern Toss, 'Pisspotpourri!' A new collection of prints, original work, sculpture and video. A pungent collision of new and old sh*t that is connected and yet somehow disconnected.

This exhibition was going to be opening as part of the wonderful Brighton Fringe Festival. However, due to current extraordinary circumstances, the festival has been postponed. 

We will be part of the festival when it opens again, meanwhile, the show must go on... VIRTUALLY.

All works by Modern Toss

May - 14 - July 21, 2020

A3 show poster_2.5MB.jpg

‘There was no reason in particular that compelled me to begin this series of drawings. I scarcely knew what I was doing. But night after night I sat at a desk illuminated by a small lamp and some candles, with a view to the north along a stark winter street, the sodium streetlights lending eerie shadows to the sprinting foxes. The virus was rampant; the death rate approached terrifying levels and there seemed to be no end in sight. The weather was dreadful and the news from the radio was worse.


Each drawing appeared slowly as I covered the sheets of paper with graphite from my 8B pencils, drawing from the top left-hand corner to the bottom right. The pictures came from my iPhone - either pictures I had taken myself or been sent by friends, or sometimes screen grabs from Instagram or Twitter. Every picture seemed to suggest - to indicate, as if it was a signpost - that there was an escape. There was, somewhere, a way out. Whether there was, or was not - we still cannot say.’


Stanley Donwood, June 3rd, 2021

All works by Stanley Donwood

June 3 - July 1 - 2021


 “I’ve spent nearly 20 years drawing thousands of little cartoon heads, each of which takes between 1.5 and 2 seconds to complete and are approximately 5mm in diameter. 


Some time ago to give myself a break I decided to work on some drawings of heads that were the complete opposite. These took days rather than seconds and were on a big scale. 


Some of the techniques came from getting back into life drawing, and were then adapted to photos taken on the way into the office along London Road in Brighton. 


The pre-work death stare in these photos was a useful unposed look to work with. 


The processes developed were partially to do with many years of photoshop use as a designer and adapting this to ways of drawing where I could cover up mistakes and keep reworking. 


This and looking at people’s heads is what interests and drives me to make them.” 


Jon Link, Brighton,2021


All works by Jon Link

July 8 - August 8, 2021

Secret Histories, Excavations in Paint
Whistleblower Gallery 
Oct. 22 - Nov. 18
Brighton, UK

‘There’s something uncanny about these paintings. I can’t quite explain it. Maybe I don’t need to. It sometimes feels like they have been a response to the enormity of events unfolding around us of late. A sense in the figures and settings that have been emerging, as if being excavated from the paint. A sense of the cyclical nature of things. It feels like I’m unearthing these figures and their stories and giving them a world to live in, a sky to congregate under – allowing them to exist – they are a mystery, even to me.’

Sarah Shaw, October 2021



A solo exhibition of new original and print works by 

Ryan Callanan

Whistleblower Gallery 

April 2 - 29, 2022, Brighton, UK

The artist's explorations into botany and the natural world have led to a stunning series of semi-sculptural works and paintings that challenge traditional ideas and popular references of flowers in both arts and science, altering the viewer’s perception of a classic subject matter.


This body of work breaks into a new territory for Ryan Callanan and we are delighted to exhibit it in the gallery. 


It's Been A Fever Dream

A solo exhibition of drawings 

Laurie Vincent

Whistleblower Gallery 

May 19th - June 16th, 2022, Brighton, UK

Whistleblower Gallery is happy to exhibit Itʼs Been a Fever Dream, a new collection of original works by Laurie Vincent.

In It's Been a Fever Dream, Vincent presents a new collection of 86 introspective, humorous and poignant original drawings.


Each poetically titled piece is composed of a series of repeated symbols, forms and endearing characters which are very much part of the artist's very own language, one that he uses to tell a deeply nuanced story with hints of biographical tones. 


Each vignette possesses multiple layers of detail, pattern and meaning, leaving it up to the viewer to find the interpretations that best suit their own narrative thus allowing for a deep connection with the works.

Vincent's use of black ink on white textured paper helps to emphasise the bold nature of these drawings yet it allows for the artist's hand to sporadically point to moments of ambiguity, confidence or explorative endeavours.

Accompanying this series of drawings is a self-authored zine which combines fragments of the exhibitions' works with sketches and photography from the artist's personal albums.

True to Vincent's believe that art should not be exclusively delegated to hanging on walls, and with a wink to the legendary NY art scene in the 1980's, the artist has produced a series of Limited Edition t-shirts and Limited Edition large enamel pin badges which will be made available throughout the exhibition.



A solo exhibition of originals and prints by Adam Neate
June 22 - July 19, 2022

Adam Neate (b.1977) is a British conceptual artist known for his multi-dimensional collages and a very unique use of perspective and mark-marking. Influenced by Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Carl Jung and Alan Watts, Neate’s practice mixes constructivism, street-art and a very personal approach to figurative art.

Neate's use of a varied array of materials and skilled juxtaposition of layers often give his figurative pieces a multi-dimensional quality which can change from the viewer's viewpoint. 

Neate's pieces feature in collections all over the world, most notably in the USA, China and East Asia.

Neate currently lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


In June 2022 the artist travelled back to Brighton, UK, where he’d spent much of his informative time, to exhibit a selection of original canvases and four Limited Editions, co-published between the artist and Whistleblower Gallery. In honour of his experiences in the area, the exhibition was called Memories.



A solo exhibition of paintings, sculptures and a Limited Edition 


Gary Stranger

July 23 - August 6, 2022



A solo exhibition of drawings and two Limited Editions by Jon Link

Whistleblower Gallery 

March 30 - April 27, 2023, Brighton, UK

Ever present in our lives both in the physical and abstract sense; from the recurrent cycles of life and death to the round shape of the sun and the moon, circles are central aspects to our existence. Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century, is perhaps one of the most prolific authors on the subject of circles. He deeply explored the concept and its significance both in nature and human life, concluding that the eye may have been the first circle and the horizon it forms, the second, and that the primary figure they form can be found as a repeated pattern throughout nature.

Overall, Emerson's writings were a reflection on the interconnectedness of all things we experience; pure reminders that every end is a beginning, and that we are all part of a larger whole.

Circles have been used in architecture and art for centuries as symbols of unity and perfection. The circle is considered the ideal geometric shape, and it has been used to represent the divine and the infinite. 

In this show, CIRCLE, we are seeking to embrace the circles in our lives, to establish new connections: We have gathered the work of a group of British artists currently active both in the UK and abroad. We have a long-standing relationship with most them and we are starting to carve out new paths with others.

All of these artists have contributed new original works on their own interpretation of the circle. 

While some have emphasised its closed curved shape to adhere to its most pure geometrical definition, others have focused on its many symbolisms, mystical forms, or own thoughts about the cyclical nature of existence, infinity, wholeness and so on.

The result is a surprisingly balanced body of work where texture, composition, tonality and thoughts converge.

Welcome to CIRCLE. We hope you will enjoy it.


Whistleblower Gallery

May 11, 2023

​"These paintings were made in the early autumn of 2015, at La Fabrique studios outside Saint-Rémy in the south of France. During this period I was working with Radiohead as they began the recording that was to become A Moon Shaped Pool’.

The paintings I had made were packed away; in the autumn of 2022 I rediscovered them. And so - here they are.''

Brighton, UK, 2023

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