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I Wish You'd Touch Me As Much As You Touch Your Phone by daft-apeth

November - 16 - 30, 2018

With a professional background in the psychedelic rock scene and after a few years developing a strong visual portfolio, daft-apeth brings together ​childhood iconography, memories, unarranged thoughts and an absurd sense of humor into a motley of vivid enamels, canvasses, sculptures, light boxes, prints and merchandise.

'This is daft-apeth’s head spilled out into an art gallery.'

Featuring original work by daft-apeth

daft-apeth's is a project by musician and artist Sergio Pizzorno.

Born on 15 December 1980, Sergio Pizzorno is a British songwriter, producer, guitarist, vocalist, designer and visual artist best known for his work with psychedelic rock band Kasabian.


A Leicesterian with Italian roots growing up in the 80s, Pizzorno’s practice delivers a quirky rendition of a nostalgia for this era’s classical British iconography, and draws from a visually detailed memory and a sharp observational skill.


The artist uses an expansive collection of media to present fragments of random overheard quotes, comic characters and arcade machine and television references, all punctuated by a cunning and playful sense of humour.


Pizzorno acquaints the audience with his work by cleverly using quintessentially East Midlander colloquialisms and an abiding wink to a shared epoch of social and political solidity, turning his practice into a somewhat autobiographical narrative of an unequivocally British childhood influenced by after-school cartoons, visits to working men’s clubs and 80s Ceefax pages.


I Wish You’d Touch Me as Much as You Touch Your Phone is daft-apeth’s second solo show.

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