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Ever present in our lives both in the physical and abstract sense; from the recurrent cycles of life and death to the round shape of the sun and the moon, circles are central aspects to our existence. Waldo Emerson, American philosopher and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century, is perhaps one of the most prolific authors on the subject of circles. He deeply explored the concept and its significance both in nature and human life, concluding that the eye may have been the first circle and the horizon it forms, the second, and that the primary figure they make can be found as a repeated pattern throughout nature.

Overall, Emerson's writings were a reflection on the interconnectedness of all things we experience; pure reminders that every end is a beginning, and that we are all part of a larger whole.

Circles have been used in architecture and art for centuries as symbols of unity and perfection. The circle is considered the ideal geometric shape, and it has been used to represent the divine and the infinite. 

In this show, CIRCLE, we are seeking to embrace the circles in our lives, to establish new connections: We have gathered the work of a group of British artists currently active both in the UK and abroad. We have a long-standing relationship with most them and we are starting to carve out new paths with others.

All of these artists have contributed new original works on their own interpretation of the circle. 

While some have emphasised its closed curved shape to adhere to its most pure geometrical definition, others have focused on its many symbolisms, mystical forms, or own thoughts about the cyclical nature of existence, infinity, wholeness and so on.

The result is a surprisingly balanced body of work where texture, composition, tonality and thoughts converge.

Welcome to CIRCLE. We hope you will enjoy it.


Whistleblower Gallery

May 11, 2023

CIRCLE (Whistleblower Gallery, May 11 - June 8, 2023).

If you are interested in commissioning an original piece by any of the artists featured in this group show, please get in touch HERE.

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