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Let’s Talk 
New work by Gary Stranger
September 16 – October 7
, 2023


Let’s Talk | New work by Gary Stranger | September 16 – October 7, 2023



Let’s Talk is a collection of work by Gary Stranger, created over the Summer of 2023 during the artist’s residency at Whistleblower Gallery. 


Stranger is on a journey to find materials and forms of installation that allow him to convey his message or sentiment with limited or no detrimental impact on the environment, and has spent the last few months researching and experimenting with natural fibre substrates, organic paints and living plants.


In this exhibition, the artist aims to create works that are intended to remind the viewer of the importance of discourse and the fact that no problem is solved without communication and collaboration: A culture of conspicuous consumption and habitual void communication results in an imbalanced distribution of knowledge and resources.

Below are the works on show during this exhibition. If you are not able to visit the gallery, we are happy to invite you to a Private Viewing on Zoom. Just send us en email here and we will set that up.

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