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Cain Caser



Born in London, UK, Cain started painting in 2010. 


Cain's work is a heady mix of form and skilful execution, influenced by his life-long love of graffiti and rave culture and his early collage experiments.


Each composition is a careful balance of texture, layering and a vibrant palette of colours, executed with a compelling attention to every brushstroke.


Hovering between portraiture and abstraction the finished works invite the viewer to undertake a sensory journey of exploration thus creating their own personal interpretation.


Cain’s early work in collage and subsequent evolution into the use of technology have led him to experiment with GANs, a form of digital networks which allow an artist to select pathways and outcomes in order to generate imagery. The artist’s precise decision-making and choice of certain parameters allow for the construction of structures and visual forms. Currently on show in the gallery are a set of new works produced through this new creative exercise. Some of these new and experimental works are also available below.


With the artist’s keen interest in new technologies applied to art, Cain has also been experimenting with the use of NFTs.


Cain Caser has exhibited all over Europe, the USA and Asia and has collaborated with various organisations including Reebok, Ride, John Lewis Partnership and Warner Bros.


ZEP TEPI, the artist's current exhibition on show at Whistleblower Gallery, gathers a collection of Cain’s most recent paintings, alongside a new body of digital work and a Limited Edition print which experiments with both traditional and digital processes. 

During our Zep Tepi solo show the gallery is happy to offer all canvases in a choice of a white or black tray frame (see images supplied)



Zep Tepi, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK​


Praga R1T Art Car, VR Motorsport/Motorsport Woman. Driven by Jem Hepworth & Danny Harrison, overall and Class 1 champions 2020 Britcar Endurance Championship, UK

Group Show, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK



Knotenpunkt Festival, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

Group Show, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK



Scope Art Fair, Mirus Gallery, New York, USA

Group Show, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK

Surrey Contemporary Art Fair, Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, UK


Here We Go!, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK

Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London, UK

A Major Minority, Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Cosmogg II, Fluorescent Smogg, The Radnor Rooms, Bristol, UK

Sweet Sixteen, Jaguar Shoes Collective, Shoreditch, London, UK


Solo Show, Sonos Studio, Shoreditch, London, UK

Pure Evil Gallery, Shoreditch, London, UK


Abstract Portraiture, Solo Show Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court, London, UK

Solo Show, Window Gallery, Walthamstow Village, London, UK


Mr Chow and Associates, Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

A Major Minority, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, USA


Salon des Refuses V, Portobello Road, London, UK

Solo Show, Market House, Kingston Upon Thames, UK

Let’s Pretend It’s Summer, West London Art Factory, London, UK


Family & Friends, Rove, Hoxton Square, London, UK

Interface, Rook & Raven Gallery, Fitzrovia, London, UK

Unweave the Rainbow, Scream Gallery, Mayfair, London, UK

Good Times Roll, High Roller Society, Bethnal Green, London, UK

The Art of Love, Village Underground, Shoreditch London, UK

Season Ticket, The Old Station, Shoreditch, London, UK



Other Art Fair, Battersea, London, UK

Hypnagogia Solo Show, Gallery 94, Fitzrovia, London, UK



We currently have other available works by Cain Caser, please get in touch if you want to know more.



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