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Having shown work at the Royal Academy of London and with a string of stunning large size public art and beautifully executed private projects on his back, Gary Stranger's passion for type and typographic arrangements steps up onto a whole new level with this first solo exhibition in years.

After a six week Artist's Residency at Whistleblower Gallery where the artist has temporarily moved his practice to, we are incredibly proud to present Gary Stranger's new body of work.

Both large-size original works as well as three new prints co-published by Gary Stranger and Whistleblower Gallery are on show.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, the gallery was unable to open its doors to the public until December 2nd, 2020.


Therefore, Whistleblower Gallery invited everyone to join its worldwide virtual opening on November 20th at 6pm UK time and 1pm NYC time, and it is offered Live Gallery Viewings and Scheduled Remote Private Viewings.


The gallery and the artist prepared a series of events which were shown online through our website, YouTube channel and our Whistleblower Gallery Instagram Live.


Gary Stranger is a UK-based artist who started out writing graffiti in 1996. He is now a world-renowned artist, famed for his well-executed typographic pieces. 

Over the past decade Gary has moved his wall paintings/murals away from the traditional graffiti aesthetic. Having always had a passion for type and having studied the subject, it was the inevitable conclusion to take his own work in that direction. 

His studio work and his wall paintings consist of hand-drawn and painted typographic arrangements, attempting to communicating the artist's sentiment on a particular subject. 


Gary is the co-founder (together with Pref) of Typograffic Circle, a collective of artists and a developing movement within the urban art world. The cohesion between the artists that are part of this movement is a desire to make work that explores the boundaries of typographic design, within the contexts of both studio work and in-situ wall painting. The group takes the placement, attitude and quest for individual style and originality from the graffiti world and mixes it with the constraints of type-making and type-setting. Typograffic Circle gives accessibility and expression of the written word to create a new aesthetic and approach.


Gary Stranger took up Residency at Whistleblower Gallery during July 2018 where he experimented with a new body of work.

The artist's second Residency at Whistleblower Gallery took place in October and November of 2020 resulting in OUTSIDE IN, Gary Stranger's much anticipated first solo show in years. The exhibition opened on November 20th on Instagram Live as the UK was in its second Covid-19 related lockdown. All original works sold out in less than 24 hours and the artist's Limited Edition print PUSH BACK - FLURO in less than three seconds.

The gallery continues to host, support and exhibit works by the artist.

If you are interested in commissioning an original piece by Gary Stranger, please contact the gallery HERE.

Available prints and original drawings

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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