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The Art of Archival Framing
January 26 - February 26, 2023

At Whistleblower Gallery we are often asked about Archival Framing - this is the type of framing we handle more often.


But - what is Archival Framing?


Also called ‘Conservation Framing’ or ‘Preservation Framing’, Archival Framing aims to prevent damage to the artwork it frames.


Every aspect of the framing process is carefully designed to protect the artwork over the long term.


In Archival Framing all materials used ensure that the artwork is protected from moisture, dust, sunlight and airborne contaminants that can damage a painting, drawing, sculpture or print over time.


The ideal materials used within the framing should be acid and alkaline free, forming a 'framing package' (foam board, mounting board, piece and glazing) held within the frame's rebate under just enough pressure so as not to damage the materials within. A backboard as well as taping stop the environment from further penetrating the frame.


We have included below a selection of some of the works available for purchase during this exhibition, a selection of classic and new pieces beautifully presented in various types of Archival Framing. Enjoy!

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