Gary Stranger



Gary Stranger is a UK-based artist who started out writing graffiti in 1996. He is now a world-renowned artist, famed for his well-executed typographic pieces. 

Over the past decade Gary has moved his wall paintings/murals away from the traditional graffiti aesthetic. Having always had a passion for type and having studied the subject, it was the inevitable conclusion to take his own work in that direction. 

His studio work and his wall paintings consist of hand-drawn and painted typographic arrangements, attempting to communicating the artist's sentiment on a particular subject. 


Gary is the co-founder (together with Pref) of Typographic Circle, a collective of artists and a developing movement within the urban art world. The cohesion between the artists that are part of this movement is a desire to make work that explores the boundaries of typographic design, within the contexts of both studio work and in-situ wall painting. The group takes the placement, attitude and quest for individual style and originality from the graffiti world and mixes it with the constraints of type-making and type-setting. Typographic Circle gives accessibility and expression of the written word to create a new aesthetic and approach.


Gary Stranger took up Residency at Whistleblower Gallery during July 2018 where he experimented with a new body of work.

The artist is currently on his second Residency at Whistleblower Gallery (October 2020).


The gallery continues to host, support and exhibit works by the artist.


The artist's original piece Refresh is currently part of The Royal Academy of Art's Winter Exhibition, London, 2020.



Solo exhibitions


July, Summer residency at Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK



Moniker Art Fair with StolenSpace, London, UK


Group exhibitions


The Royal Academy of Art, Winter Exhibition 2020, London, UK



March, Group Show at The Other Art Fair with Creative Giants, London, UK


October, Moniker Art Fair joint show with Pref., London, UK


May, Typograffic Circle group show at Stolen Space Gallery, London, UK


December, Control and Disorder group show at Galerie 42b, Paris, France


July, Summer show, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK


November, Here we go!, Whistleblower Gallery, Brighton, UK


StolenSpace with Typograffic Circle, London, UK

Gary Stranger has had a number of works in various group shows and galleries in Miami, LA and London.




We sometimes have other available works by Garry Stranger, or can accept commissions. Please get in touch if you want to know more.



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