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a solo exhibition showcasing a photographer's journey in screenprint, by Andrew Millar.

14th - 30th September, 2018

Adrift in Screenprint shows the trajectory of Andrew Millar's editions in print, and includes a selection of his latest work as well as rarer sold-out editions. 

The exhibition also displays some of the artist's work in polaroid, never shown before, as well as imagery of his print-making process including screens, positives and proofing stages. 

Whistleblower Gallery will also be presenting Andrew's latest print, produced exclusively by Tindogs Fine Art at the back of our space.


Andrew Millar

Andrew Millar, born in 1983, is a British artist whose main body of work focuses on the portrait.

Andrew became fascinated by photography and various print processes very early on in his career. 

The artist discovered the classic and now almost forgotten Polaroid film more than a decade ago, when he started to experiment and push the limits of this medium, exploring the manipulative potential of this light-sensitive material in order to create his collages. 


Millar often applies leaf of precious metals and sometimes acrylic colour in the finishing process of each of his pieces by hand, thereby creating a unique result in each artwork. 

Andrew Millar takes his visual elements from countless sources and combines these in quiet, sometimes somber, somewhat surreal duo-chromatic portraits. 


There is a definite elegance to his detailed works which make them seem like classic orthodox icons of anonymous saints or posters of forgotten movies and heroines.

In recent years Andrew Millar’s work has become increasingly popular and his talent has earned him international recognition with solo exhibitions in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, New York and London.

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