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It's Been A Fever Dream






It's Been A Fever Dream​​​​​​​ is part of Laurie Vincent's Itʼs Been a Fever Dream collection of original drawings.


​In It's Been a Fever Dream, Vincent presents a new collection of 85 introspective, humorous and poignant original works.


Each poetically titled piece is composed of a series of repeated symbols, forms and endearing characters which are very much part of the artist's very own language, one that he uses to tell a deeply nuanced story with hints of biographical tones.


This is an ink on paper piece and it comes custom-framed and signed by the artist on verso.


Frame description: Black box frame with black slips. Original archival-mounted to core and floated on black archival mount board. Anti-reflective 70% UV art glass.



Paper dimensions: 14.8cm x 21cm

Framed dimensions: 25.5cm x 32.5cm (With a boarder of 40mm x 45mm)



Post, Courier or pick up



If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us:


It's Been A Fever Dream

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