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Dark Hedges VII






Dark Hedges VII is one of 44 prints from the Dark Hedges Limited Edition belonging to the artist's WAY OUT collection (exhibited at Whistleblower Gallery, June 3 to July 1 - 2021).


Dark Hedges VII is based on the original drawing in graphite by the artist.


Each print has been made using a base of copper which the artist has subsequently distressed with a solution of chemicals and water to cause the creation of verdigris. The verdigris tonnes and texture appear where the artist has chosen to apply the emulsion, therefore each resulting piece in the edition is different and unique.


Once this oxidation process has taken place (24 to 48 hours later), the gilded surface is sealed in varnish and layers of hand-mixed graphite ink are then overprinted, thus paying hommage to the original drawings and their rich use of graphite.


These drawings constitute a detailed map of what occupied my bewildered mind during the depths of the winter of corona virus.” (Stanley Donwood).


Each print is from a signed and numbered edition of 44. The artist has used Roman numerals in this edition to honour the uniqueness of each print.



A five/six layer screenprint and copper leaf on a 410gsm English Somerset velvet paper with a torn edge.



50cm x 54cm approximately



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Dark Hedges VII

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