Miss Bugs



Miss Bugs are a London-based street-art partnership (a boy and a girl), working together since 2007. From their early days, they have preferred to keep a low profile choosing to communicate through their artwork rather than through media appearances, therefore, not much is known about them.

Miss Bugs create colourful mixed-media works. They use a vast array of materials and methods such as screen printing, painting, casting, gold and silver leaf, wood and aluminium, to name a few.

Some of their early work brought the artists a lot of attention on the streets. This was a series of cut-out pieces that blended into their urban surroundings. Over the past few years, the artists have been focusing on multimedia cast resin pieces.

Miss Bugs’ latest work, a stunning example of the artists' skills, is a large, free standing, resin disc,130cm in diameter, shown at the Time and Life Building in London, UK. 

Miss Bugs have exhibited in London, New York, LA, Mexico and Brighton.

We have been working with Miss Bugs since 2008, when they held their first solo exhibiton, The State of Art, at ink_d gallery, Brighton, where Dan was working as a curator and director.


Solo Shows


Echo Chamber, Miss Bugs, Mayfair, London, UK


Parlour, Miss Bugs, Brooklynite Gallery, NY, USA


The State of Art, Miss Bugs, ink_d gallery, UK


Group Shows


SASML ft. Faile, Swoon, Cave Gallery, LA, USA


Bingo Night at the Promised Land, New Image Gallery, LA, USA

The Lost Ones ft. Shepard Fairey, The Date Farmers, Upper Playground Fifty24mx - Mexico City, Mexico


2 Many Artist, Miss Bugs & Joe Black, Brooklynite Gallery, NY, US


Alternativity ft. Eine, Dface, Stella Dore, London, UK



We sometimes have other available works by Miss Bugs, or can accept commissions. Please get in touch if you want to know more.