Four new Limited Editions 

by Stanley Donwood


'There was no reason in particular that compelled me to begin this series of drawings. I scarcely knew what I was doing. But night after night I sat at a desk illuminated by a small lamp and some candles, with a view to the north along a stark winter street, the sodium streetlights lending eerie shadows to the sprinting foxes...'

The last remaining prints will be made available during the first week of July.



by Stanley Donwood COMING SOON



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Nestled in a quirky Brighton & Hove mews, in the heart of the city's new creative hub, Whistleblower Gallery showcases art by established and emerging artists. 


We represent and manage a small group of British and international artists both in the UK and abroad.​ 


We have a very close relationship with all of the artists we represent and visit their studios on a regular basis.


We often co-publish Limited Editions with artists we work with.


We publish and sell art, curate shows and manage both private and public commissions.


Get in touch below if you need framing, art consultancy/private curation, or to take part in our Summer Residency.

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Whistleblower Gallery

14 St John's Road


United Kingdom

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Dan started to represent artists in 1999, organising temporary exhibition spaces for British artists both in Montreal and Amsterdam and curating private collections during his stint in the US. In 2006, he set up the recently deceased art gallery ink_d in Brighton, UK, turning a rundown ex-tatoo parlour into a British contemporary art institution much loved by collectors and artists alike.

During his time as Director and Curator of ink_d gallery, Dan put together over 100 shows featuring works of artists such as Ryan Callanan, Carrie Reichardt, Modern Toss, Miss Bugs, Eelus, James Cauty, Jake-Wood Evans, Eine, Jon Burgerman, Peter Kennard, Sir Peter Blake, Sarah Shaw, Carne Griffiths, Dan Baldwin, Pure Evil, Graham Carter, Stanley Donwood, Lady Aiko, Paul Scott, Matt Smith, Noah Taylor, Maria Rivans, Alex Binnie, Pinky, Petro, Jamie Hewlett, Grande Dame, Ian Hodgson, Andy Doig, Christian Guémy, Snub, Sten & Lex, Req, Harriet Hammel, amongst many others. Dan had the opportunity to work alongside these artists both as a curator as well as a printmaker and studio assistant.

Dan is currently working with artists to program Whistleblower Gallery’s exhibitions in 2022.




Noemí has been a journalist, writer, photo editor and publisher for over 25 years. She has written, published and produced books, articles, magazines, films, documentaries and multimedia for organisations such as BBC, BBC International, Amnesty International, Greenpeace International, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson Publishing, Radio Nederlands, Scholastic, Cervantes Institute, Elsevier, Difusión and Edinumen, amongst others. 

Noemí has lived in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Montreal; her skills with languages and international connections allow us to represent our artists abroad. 


Noemí is currently working on a series of short films on the artists we represent as well as Whistleblower Gallery's first exhibition in Amsterdam.



+44 (0)1273 734 295 / hello@whistleblowergallery.co.uk


Visit us at 14 St. John's Road, BN3 2FB, Brighton, UK

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