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Gary Stranger



Four Halves






Stranger is on a journey to find materials and forms of installation that allow him to convey his message or sentiment with limited or no detrimental impact on the environment, and has spent the last few months researching and experimenting with natural fibre substrates, organic paints and living plants. 


Four Halves is part of the artist's Let's Talk exhibition (Whistleblower Gallery, Sept. 16 - Oct. 7, 2023), and the result of a series of experiments and explorations during the artist Summer Residency at this gallery. This canvas is also the first fully abstract piece in the artist's portfolio.


After a decade developing movement within the urban art world and the typographic art genre, Stranger's work matured into a strong body of studio work. The artist's hand-drawn and painted typographic arrangements, communicating the artist's sentiment on a particular subject, have been exhibited in galleries and public spaces both nationally and internationally. Stranger's original and print work is now part of both private and public collections.


This piece is signed on verso by the artist.



Acrylic on canvas



50cm x 50cm x 3.6cm



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Four Halves

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