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Saltdean Girl - Original Edition






Saltdean Girl is a very special Limited Edition of 50:


35 prints of this edition are Saltdean Girl (Light) (Pictured here), and the 15 prints remaining are variations in both skin tone and bikini in different textures and colors which will be gradually uploaded onto our website throughout the duration of Memories (June 22 - July 19, 2022).


Please contact the gallery if you would like to see a preview of some variations.


This piece is a 16 colour silkscreen print which comes unframed and signed and numbered by the artist.


With a wink to Brighton and its environs, the artist pays homage to his formative years in the city, reminiscing about swimming in the sea of Saltdean and seeing a girl basking under the sun looking like a classic sculpture.


Taken after the artist's original Sea Wall - Study of the MemorySaltdean Girl is a beautiful example of the artist's explorations into dimensionalism and cubism.



16 colour silkscreen print



56cm x 77cm



Post, courier or pick up



If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist please contact us:

Saltdean Girl - Original Edition

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