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Within - AP (Framed)






Within is one of two of Stanley Donwood's print produced during the artist's exhibition Watermarks, Works Made with the Weather. Co-published between the artist and our gallery, it is part of a Limited Edition of 20. Each print is unique as its production has used a metal leaf with an individual finish making each print slightly different.


This print has been produced after the artist's 2013 original Blake.


Edition of 20. This print comes signed and marked as an AP by the artist.


NOTE: All prints from the Within Limited Edition have now sold out. This is the last remaining print (an AP).


This work is framed in a natural wood stained walnut box frame, floated directly on white archival mount, with white slips.



10 colour silkscreen with copper leaf



50cm x 48cm

61cm x 58cm (Framed)



Courier or pick-up.



Note - If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us.

Within (2019) - AP (Framed)

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