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The Sleep of Reason II






Lingering between figuration and abstraction but leaving enough room for personal interpretation, Sarah's work speaks of wonderful stories, characters, historical events, or tales yet to be discovered.


This is one of three original paintings on tondos, part of CIRCLE (Whistleblower Gallery, May 11 - June 8, 2023), a group exhibition dedicated entirely to discussing notions about circles, both from the point of view of their physical shape as well as from more philosophical viewpoints.


This original oil on wood oozes a beautiful combination of soft browns, pinks and golden and white hints, and it comes signed on verso. Unframed and ready to hang as is.


This is an original oil on canvas and comes signed on verso.



Oil on board



54cm diameter



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If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us.

The Sleep of Reason II

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