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Watermarks, Works Made with the Weather, 

a solo exhibition with canvasses, drawings and prints by Stanley Donwood.

4 October - 3 November, 2018

An intriguing collection of new canvasses and works on paper that reflect ever-changing winds and moving liquid.

'These pictures have been made by the weather; all I have done is to capture a moment.' Stanley Donwood.

Stanley Donwood.

Known by his work with rock band Radiohead for whom he has produced their album covers and promotional materials since 1994, Stanley Donwood’s illustrations often touch on socio-political issues. 


Stanley Doonwood’s print-making and explorative working, have led to both impressive large-scale work and exquisite fine art printmaking. Stanley Donwood has won two Grammy Awards for Best Recording Package with his Radiohead work on the band's Amnesiac cover and Best Special Limited Edition Package for In Rainbows. 


Donwood has published a number of short stories and picture books. He lives in Bath, England.


We have been working with Stanley Donwood since 2009 when he first showed a solo body of work,Printed Papers, at ink_d Gallery, Brighton, where Dan was working as a curator.

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