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Mono Print II






These lovely series of mono prints are the results of the artist's experimentations while working on her ARCANA collection of original paintings.


Mono printing is done through the application of ink to a surface, such as glass, and a variety of styluses and other materials to create an image, which is then lifted from the surface by the application of paper. This makes each of these esquisite pieces unique.


Being a painter in an electronic age means you are automatically involved with ways of looking and seeing in which technology plays a vital part. In the same way that in the past I have used various  means to find a kind of controlled chaos – creating my own Rorschach tests to respond to, throwing rags at painted surfaces – turning the canvas upside down to see what emerges - I’ve embraced AI in this show as a tool to generate interesting imagery – not to replicate but to use as a jumping off point. I enjoy the clash of the new and the ancient and was interested to challenge myself with responding in paint to these polarities. These paintings push and pull, and flirt with AI but ultimately assert themselves undoubtedly from a human head and hand…” Sarah Shaw, 2023



Ink on paper



15cm x 10.5cm



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If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us.

Mono Print II

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