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Office Pest - Tanked Up






Office Pest is Jon & Mick’s first cartoon strip, it ran from 1997 -2000 in loaded magazine. Here for the first time are two cartoons reconstituted from the digital dustbin and remixed for 2020. The strip was dedicated to experimental violence in the workplace.


All the artwork came from an early digital clipart book that arrived in the post. The strip pioneered the long thin speech tag and a post in note yellow background. His laugh was represented by the words ‘yak yak’ which later mutated into ‘grak grak’, ‘snak snak’, ‘rak rak’ and ‘knack knack’ amongst others. He uses the office backdrop as a blank canvas to weave his magic.


Judging by the feedback, he was an inspirational character to all workplace deviants.


Open edition. 


Signed and stamped by the artist.



Giclee on paper. 



10.5cm x 29.7cm



Post, courier or pick up



If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us:


Office Pest - Tanked Up

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