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Watchorn's collection of unstretched canvases ooze vibrancy and life, and are a magnificent presence in any environment. This stunning piece is an exploratory work in colour and form, and a wonderfully harmonious linen which, when hung on a wall, floats organically revealing further vivacity and detail.


'The title is taken from the etymology of the word ‘alchemy’ rooted in the Greek, ‘Khymatos’ meaning, ‘that which is poured out’. 

It is an allegory for energy and soulfulness flowing out into pictorial form as well as literally denoting the process of liquid being poured. 

The work is concerned with digging deep into a root and/or origin to excavate, question and ascertain a relationship with it. 

The link to alchemy is embodied within a process of transmutation. Paint and canvas are transmuted into a resolved picture but raw sensual data drawn from experiencing the world is also transmuted into visual form and encoded into the picture. 

This work typifies a process which underpins my current practice and embodies it in both literal and allegorical form.'



Oil, charcoal, oil stick and collage on 15oz linen (un-stretched, hung on hooks)



295cm x 110cm



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If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us.


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