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Double Doughnut Dropped Ice Cream






This is a lovely example of Anna Barlow's series of ceramics on the subject of indulgent treats and the rituals of food. This little piece of two doughnuts and a fallen ice-cream is a fantastic example of the artist's ability in glazing and accomplishing fine detail.


It took Anna 8 years of research to come up with the right thecniques and colours that would make her sculptures look like authentic deserts, and every one of her sculptures show different aspects of the artist's eye for detail and texture.



Earthenware clay, porcelain and glaze.



17cm (L) x 10cm (W) x 9cm (H)



Post, Courier or pick up


If you are interested in a similar piece by the artist or would like to discuss a commission, please contact us:

Double Doughnut Dropped Ice Cream

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