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A Plate of Dark Sugar






After many years working in earthenware and porcelain in pastel and bright glazes, A Plate of Dark Sugar is one of Anna Barlow's results in her experimentations with black Jasperware clay. First developed by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1770s, this material usually describes the unglazed pale blue matte stoneware known as "Wedgwood blue". However, Wedgwood produces glazes in various colours and Barlow has been interested in contrasting her usual palette with a more breathtaking pure black, giving her series on the subject of indulgent treats and the rituals of food a dramatic turn.


A Plate of Dark Sugar is yet another fantastic example of the artist's ability in glazing and accomplishment in fine detail.



Black Jasperware, adhesive, Parian, earthenware clay, porcelain and glazes



8cm (h) x 46cm (w) x 36cm (d)



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A Plate of Dark Sugar

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