Set - Choler, Sanguine, Melancholic and Holloway single.






These giclée prints are of the drawings used to illustrate ‘Humour’, a book by Stanley Donwood. The title of both the book and these prints refer to the humours of the body, an early medical theory that stated that there were four essential temperaments: Sanguine (positive) Edition No' 3/33, Choleric (irritable), Melancholic (analytical and quiet) Edition No' 3/33 and Phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful)Edition No' 3/33. Each print is an edition of 33.


NOTE: This is a set of all three prints, each one of them numbered 3/33. The set comes with a very rare copy of the Holloway single included !!



Giclee on heavy weight paper.



31cm x 42.7cm (Each print)



Post, Courier or pick up



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Set - Sanguine, Choler, Melancholic prints (3/33) and Holloway single


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